A friendly and comfortable environment in which to write, record and mix great music.

Specialising in production, I will work alongside you to capture and realise your sound using a mixture of analogue and digital, solid state and valve driven gear.

Stephen MacLachlan

Steve is an absolute treat to work with. I have had the pleasure of rehearsing, performing and recording with him over the last three years and would recommend him to anyone. Steve is a top class drummer; dexterous, precise, passionate and versatile - and he will go out of his way to ensure that you get the sound you want. 


He is warm, funny and generous, whilst always being highly meticulous and professional. His genuine enthusiasm for music, and passion for helping artists achieve their vision, feels hugely supportive.  His studio is spacious, inspiring and comfortable with a fantastic range of equipment.


The overall feeling is that you are always in safe hands.


Sarah Foster - Daisy and the Dark


In the studio you'll be surrounded by high end gear - everything is to hand and won't disrupt the creative process; but it's your performance that's the most important element in the recording chain and I take pride in providing a very positive environment for you to express yourself.  


By the time it's ready to hit record, we'll have already discussed your song(s) and artistic direction so should have a good idea of how to best replicate it on a record.  As a producer and engineer, I'm here to facilitate your vision and provide creative suggestions to enable your music to be the best it can be and stand up against major label releases.


Alongside the array of microphones and preamps are a good selection of musical instruments by Fender, MusicMan, Martin, Guild, Gretsch and DW, Nord and many more.  For more information about our equipment, visit the gear page >>


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